Frequently Asked Questions

An interstate cap is a land bridge or “lid” built over a freeway that creates new surface area in the airspace above that freeway. In this case, The Jefferson Street Cap would cover Interstate 40 between Jefferson and Scovel Streets from D.B. Todd Blvd to 14th Ave N. 


Not at all. In fact, the Jefferson Street Cap would recreate usable space that was once lost when I-40 was routed through North Nashville. No existing homes or businesses would be removed.


The Jefferson Street Cap would be paid for through a combination of earmarked city, state and - if approved - federal funds. There would be no immediate or projected costs to the North Nashville community. 

When I-40 was routed right through North Nashville, it physically divided the community and caused incalculable economic harm to the neighborhood, its residents, and its business owners. This proposed project seeks to begin and address that harm and be a catalyst for building a future that honors and advances the rich legacy of the Jefferson Street corridor for current and future residents, business and community members.

That’s where your input is needed. If the Jefferson Street Cap happens, the design effort must be led by the North Nashville community. We want to ensure that the community’s input and key stakeholders are heard throughout this process. We are asking and listening for your thoughts on the proposed project, to include your position on the project, as well as what uses and features you would like to see (if funded), as well as what questions and concerns you have.

We are planning community discussions where you will be able to learn more about the proposed Jefferson Street Cap, ask questions, and share your thoughts, concerns and ideas. Details on dates, times and locations will be shared on Metro’s Nashville Department of Transportation (NDOT) website or the project’s website and through our social media channels: @JeffersonStCap on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.